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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Social Science, BA

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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the BA degree programs in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences is to establish an integrated, multidisciplinary foundation for more focused study in one of the Major Areas offered by the department. Together, a departmental Major and Minor Area or the Interdisciplinary Social Science Major are intended to prepare students for entry into graduate or professional programs.

Graduate Outcomes


  • Graduates possess written and oral communication skills necessary to demonstrate problem-solving and technological skills consistent with the objectives of the Interdisciplinary Social Science Major.
  • Graduates can demonstrate the ability to carry out independent, original scholarly work, which includes the ability to: identify and formulate problem statements appropriate to the academic discipline; select matching investigation methods; and collect, analyze, and interpret information.


The graduate outcomes for the BA degree programs in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences are assessed through the graduation/exit survey, alumni survey, feedback from internship supervisors, review of collected student- generated exhibits over time, and program self-study and/or reports from external reviews. The assessment plans for the BA degrees in the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences are available through the department.

Credit Requirements

General Education: 32 Credits

General Education 

Highly Recommended General Education Courses

Interdisciplinary Social Science Major & Minor: 76-84 Credits

ISS Minor

Select 3 from the following ISS Minors; or 2 from the following ISS Minors and 1 non- ISS Minor from another department (more than 1 non-ISS Minor by departmental permission only); or the Secondary Education Professional Core.

Select 1 Capstone/4 credits from one of the selected Minors (in non-ISS Minor by Department permission only)

  • HPSS rubric 494 Seminar/Workshop 4 Credit(s)
  • HPSS rubric 498 Internship 4 Credit(s)
  • HPSS rubric 499 Senior Project/Thesis Capstone 4 Credit(s)

Electives: 12 Credits

Choose elective credits from any college-level catalog courses to bring degree total to 120.

BA: Interdisciplinary Social Science Total Credits: 120

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