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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog

Elementary Education, BS

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The BS: Elementary Education program prepares teachers for positions in grades K-8 in rural, urban, and global classrooms. Through coursework and extensive field experiences in a variety of settings, teacher candidates are able to integrate content knowledge, curriculum, and pedagogy,with emphasis on classroom management and leadership, into effective research-based instructional practices. The Elementary Education program emphasizes integrated experiential learning.

Students majoring in Elementary Education may add any approved minor.

In addition, students pursuing the BS: Elementary Education may select an Option Area to further enhance their background and potentially improve their employability. Option Areas are available in Coaching Option  Special Education Concentration  , and Elementary Education, Instructional Technology Middle School Option  , Elementary Education, Mathematics Middle School Option  ,Elementary Education, Earth Science Middle School Option  , Elementary Education, Life Science Middle School Option  Elementary Education, Physical Science Middle School Option  , and Elementary Education, Social Studies Middle School Option  . Although these Options are not licensure endorsements, they show evidence of additional study in these areas.

Additional Requirements for the Degree:

  • A grade of C- or higher is required in all General Education courses and all other degree requirements for non-Professional Education courses.
  • A grade of B- or higher is required in all required Professional Education courses.
  • Candidates must maintain at least a 2.70 GPA overall, and a 2.70 GPA for all content courses
  • Information Technology Computer Literacy Exam or grade of B- or higher in COMS 115  Computer Basics for Educators or CAPP 131  Basic Microsoft Office
  • The TEP Handbook also provides additional requirement information

Credit Requirements

General Education: 32 Credits

Grade of C- or higher is required in all courses

Written and Oral Communication


  • Any 100 level or higher M or STAT course 4 credits


  • Any 100 or 200 level HSTA 4 credits

Select one of the following for Behavioral & Social Science:

Select one of the following for Humanities: Expressive Art

Select two of the following for Natural Sciences:

Professional Content Major Requirements: 10-12 Credits

Grade of C- or higher is required in all courses

Select 4 credits from the following Natural Sciences

Cannot be a course chosen for General Education

Professional Education: 85 Credits

Grade of B- or higher is required in all courses

Junior Year Semester B Professional Sequence Part 1 Courses: 12 Credits

Senior Year Semester A Professional Sequence Part 2 Courses: 12 credits

Senior Year Semester B Student Teaching: 12 credits

Electives: 0-1 Credits

Any college-level credits to bring degree total to 128 credits

BS: Elementary Education Total Credits: 128

Additional Program Information

Information Technology Exam

Technology Requirement: Before registering for EDU 370  students must have earned a passing score on the Information & Technology Literacy Exam, or at least a B- on either COMS 115   Computer Basics for Educators (4 credits) or CAPP 131   Basic Microsoft Office (4 credits).

Minors and Options

Many Elementary Education graduates teach in upper elementary (grades 4-8) or middle school (grades 7-8). Option Areas provide candidates with a greater depth of knowledge than can be attained within a broadfield Elementary Education Major alone. To increase their hiring options, the Education Department strongly recommends that all Elementary Education majors complete either an additional Major or a Minor which leads to licensure in Montana, the Early Childhood Education Minor, or one of the Middle School Option Areas listed below. These Option Areas do not lead to licensure, and must be taken in conjunction with the Elementary Education Major.

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