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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Social Science & Secondary Education, BA

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Please see catalog section on applying for TEP Admission processes and other program requirements for additional information. The Interdisciplinary Social Science Major enables teachers to teach multiple subjects in secondary schools. The UMW Department of Education strongly recommends that candidates seek licensure in more than one subject area (by combining one teaching major with at least one other teaching major or minor) to increase their hiring options. The Modern History Major is recommended. A Coaching Option is also available with any teaching major, but does not lead to licensure.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the BA degree program in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences & Secondary Education is to establish an integrated, multidisciplinary foundation of both broad-based liberal arts knowledge and skills and content preparation to become a social studies educator.

Graduate Outcomes

  • Graduates possess written and oral communication skills necessary to demonstrate problem-solving and technological skills consistent with the objectives of the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Major.


The graduate outcome for the BA degree program in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences is assessed through the graduation/exit survey, alumni survey, feedback from internship supervisors, review of collected student- generated exhibits over time, and program self-study and/or reports from external reviews. The professional education outcomes are assessed by the Education Division.  The assessment plan for the BA degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences is available through the department.

Credit Requirements

General Education: 32 Credits

General Education 

Highly Recommended General Education Courses

Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Major: 52 Credits

ISS & Secondary Education Double Majors must take the Modern History Minor and the Constitutional Studies Minor, modified slightly (as indicated below) to accommodate certification requirements.

Constitutional Studies

Credit Requirement

Select 1 course from the following:

Select 1 course/4 credits from the following

Select 1 course/4 credits from the following

  • Any 300-400 level HSTA/HSTR course 4 Credit(s)


Select 1 Capstone option from one of the selected Minors

  • HPSS rubrics 494 Seminar/Workshop 4 Credit(s)
  • HPSS rubrics 498 Internship 4 Credit(s)
  • HPSS rubrics 499 Senior Project/Thesis/Capstone 4 Credit(s)

Student Teaching: 8-12 Credits


Choose elective credits from any college-level catalog courses to bring degree total to 128.

ISS And Secondary Education Total Credits: 128

Additional ISS and Secondary Education Degree and Course Information

Students in an internship program (e.g. Class 5 teachers) will substitute EDU 498 - Internship  for EDU 495S  . Consult with the Director of Field Experiences to determine appropriate number of credits.

Current certification in First Aid, CPR, and AED for adults, children and infants is required for all education majors prior to student teaching.  ECP 100   is recommended to fulfill this requirement.

Recommended Four Year Course Sequence

This list includes the major, minor, and option core classes as guidelines to complete in four years. It is one example of how the program can be completed in four years; faculty advisors assist students in choosing among the options in a given semester to insure progress towards completion of the program. Students should complete General Education and elective requirements while working with these guidelines.

Freshmen Year ISS And Secondary Education Courses

Sophomore Year ISS And Education Courses

Junior Year ISS And Education Courses

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