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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Instructional Technology Middle School Option

Elementary Education Middle School Option Area

Many Elementary Education, BS  graduates teach in upper elementary (grades 4-8) or middle school (grades 7-8). The following Option Areas provide candidates with a greater depth of knowledge than can be attained within a broadfield Elementary Education, BS  Major alone. To increase their hiring options, the Education Department strongly recommends that all Elementary Education, BS  majors complete either an additional Major or a Minor which leads to licensure in Montana, the Early Childhood Education: Prekindergarten-Grade 3 Minor  , or one of the Middle School Option Areas listed below. These Option Areas do not lead to licensure, and must be taken in conjunction with the Elementary Education, BS  Major.

Any of the Middle School Options may be combined with the Elementary Education, BS  major. Any education minors may be combined with any education degrees.

Instructional Technology Middle School Option

An “Instructional Technology Middle School Option” transcript notation is available only with the Elementary Education, BS  degree. The list of courses are in addition to those required for the Elementary Education, BS  degree. Elementary Education, BS  graduates with this option will not only be prepared to integrate technology effectively into their own curriculum and instruction, but will also be able to help others more effectively integrate technology to enhance learning and teaching in K-8 classrooms.

Students should refer to the Computer Science K-12 Minor  if they wish to pursue a teaching license in Computer Science.