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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Kinesiology, BS

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Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Kinesiology, BS degree is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. Kinesiology includes, but is not limited to the study of the nutritional, physiological, biomechanical, socio-cultural, psychological, artistic, pedagogical, leadership, organizational, and recreational dimensions of human activity. and to prepare them with the skills to successfully apply this knowledge to graduate study or professional careers in the field. Through extensive hands-on and authentic field research and experiences, students will become critical thinkers capable of applying knowledge, evaluating complex issues in the field of kinesiology, and creating new relevant knowledge based on their own investigations. 

Program Information

The BS: Kinesiology program provides preparation for students planning to pursue graduate studies or employment in the rapidly expanding fields of personal/corporate fitness and wellness programming, public health, exercise science, and exercise prescription. Students who wish to become teachers should refer to the Physical Education & Health K-12, BS  degree program.

The degree includes extensive coursework in the performance field of kinesiology along with an opportunity to select electives to further specialize their degree to match career or graduate school goals. Since this degree is a subject area degree rather than an education degree, it would also facilitate admission to graduate studies in the field or to post-baccalaureate or graduate level teacher licensure programs requiring an undergraduate major in a specific subject area. 

Graduate Outcomes

Program graduates will:

  • Demonstrate expertise of knowledge in the discipline of kinesiology.
  • Effectively communicate demonstrated expertise in kinesiology to a diverse audience.
  • Apply demonstrated knowledge and communication skills in practices related to their chosen career paths.


Graduate outcomes for the BS: Kinesiology degree are assessed through continuous student performance assessments and feedback, graduate/exit surveys, employer/supervisor surveys, alumni surveys, program self-study, and accreditation reviews. An assessment plan can be obtained from the Department Chair of Health & Human Performance.

Credit Requirements

General Education: 32 Credits

General Education 

Select 1 course/4 credits from the following:

Select 1 course/4 credits from the following:

Select 1 course/4 credits from the following:

Select 8 credits from any of the following

  • Any ACT subject courses 1-8 credit(s)
  • Any DANC subject courses 1-6 credit(s)

Capstone: 7 Credits

Complete 7 credits from the following:

Electives: 20-21 Credits

Select any college-level catalog courses to bring degree total to 120 credits

Kinesiology Total Credits: 120

Recommended Four Year Course Sequence

This list includes the major, minor, and option core classes as guidelines to complete in four years. It is one example of how the program can be completed in four years; faculty advisors assist students in choosing among the options in a given semester to insure progress towards completion of the program. Students should complete general education and elective requirements while working with these guidelines.

Freshmen Year Kinesiology Courses

Junior Year Kinesiology Courses

  • Internship credits from KIN 490, 498, or 499.

Senior Year Kinesiology Courses

  • Internship credits from KIN 490, 498, or 499.

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